The most comprehensive surgical laser

 Highest Performance Benefits in Surgical Procedures
Laser Fotona-XP 2 The XP-2 Focus' QCW Nd:YAG laser can generate peak powers beyond 5 kW, ensuring highest performance efficiency and efficacy in surgical procedures. It is the ideal tool for precise soft tissue incision and excision and in interstitial treatments requiring tumescent fluid techniques, its low absorption in water does not compromise treatment efficacy. Its higher absorption in hemoglobin, relative to other chromophores, makes it the ideal laser for vascular treatments. To keep up with new in-demand procedures, Fotona offers an ever increasing range of compatible, re-useable surgical sets eliminating the need to continuously invest in expensive technologies and upgrades.
 Exceptional Procedure Control With Wide Pulse Duration Range
In conjunction with Fotona's exclusive VSP Technology, a wide range of selectable pulse durations are available in both PULSE and QCW operating modes. This provides better procedure control and more versatility in determining treatment outcome. Minimal discomfort, exceptional long-term success and significantly shorter recovery are contributed to this high-performance laser system's ability to precisely target laser energy thereby limiting thermal effects only to the target tissue. With a 30W power-generating capacity, higher procedure speeds and efficiency are reached at a fraction of its maximum capacity. This ensures phenomenal system durability, essentially lowering running costs.
 Designed With the Surgeon in Mind
The XP-2 Focus' user-interface is designed from a surgeon's perspective, offering a full view of all treatment parameters on one screen. At the touch of a button, VSP Technology accommodates laser parameters to the application, providing unrivalled convenience. The cumulative energy delivered to the treatment site is displayed at all times during the treatment. And, a parameter storage function is featured, allowing surgeons to quickly and easily access parameters for specific procedures.
 Offer Golden Standard Transdermal Aesthetic Treatments
The XP-2 Focus' PULSE Nd:YAG laser is a Golden Standard in hair removal, acne and vascular treatments. Due to its homogeneous skin absorption it is safe to use on all skin types, without compromising patient comfort and treatment efficacy. Even more! Accelera Nd:YAG pulses offer the ability to provide Fotona's popular FRAC3, non-ablative, 3D self-induced fractional rejuvenation treatments.

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